Faculty of Law was established on April 18th, 2008 according to the agreement of the university council meeting on April 2008. Faculty of Law has been counted as the official sector of Suratthani Rajabhat University and serves the curriculum based on the standard of the Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC) and is under the control and the accreditation from the Professional Organization of Law namely the Thai Bar under the Royal Patronage and Lawyers Council under the Royal Patronage. The faculty missions are to produce the graduates of Laws, to give academic service in law, to do law researches, and to preserve Art and Culture as well as local wisdoms. It is expected to be the law institute in the south in order to serve the need in law and in accordance with the university policy.

Vision              Regional Law Learning Center for Local Development


  1. To educate and promote the higher academic and professional level as well as the production of lawyers and the ethical promotion of the legal profession.
  2. To focus on the legal research doing in order to create knowledge and local integration research for problem solving and sustainable local development.
  3. To give the academic service to the society by developing and giving legal knowledge to local community and the society for the continuous learning, the knowledge – based society, the understanding of the legal rights, self-reliance and a better quality of life.
  4. To apply legal knowledge and skills to promote the preservation of Art and Culture, and local wisdom as well as the value awareness of Art and Cultures in local and national levels.

Identity:   Academic Service Center and Gaining professional experience in order to be highly skilled practical lawyers

Goals:    Faculty of Law aims to produce the graduates of law who possess knowledge with virtues both in theory and practice.

  1. Graduates: the graduates of law are desirable with knowledge, ethics, good thinking and doing, service-minded, healthy, good citizen, being a big role and leadership for every sector of the country.
  2. Researches: the legal researches are useful for leading to the development of commercial values and policy of the country. It is acceptable in international and national levels.
  3. Academic service to the society: the legal service center and the academic and professional training center.
  4. Preservation of Art and Culture: To build the legal knowledge in order to promote Art and Culture as well as local wisdoms, natural resources and environment conservation. The center for the promotion of Art and Culture in national and international levels.
  5. Administration:  Faculty of Law is administered under the good governance principles in order to manage knowledge for being the learning organization for all change supports.


To produce the graduates who are highly skilled in theory and practice and are able to apply knowledge appropriately. They are able to analyze and synthesize systematically. They always seek for their own knowledge and communicate well with others as well as the possessions of ethic and morality.

    1. To produce legal workers with knowledge, abilities, and experience in laws. They are able to apply knowledge into local sectors appropriately for its solving and development. Therefore, the local society can work on and make their own decisions effectively.
    2. To produce and develop workers with ethics and morality, and service-mind for the responsibility and the development to the society. They help protecting and caring the people rights as well as the responsibility of the lawyer professions.
    3. To develop workers related to the legal fields or other areas for higher abilities and experiences in law as well as the practice of legal application for use, for self-professional development, for the social development, and for all unit society help.