Philosophy: “The learning resource with rules of law to sustain the equality for the society and to produce the graduates with knowledge and virtue, who have theoretical and practical knowledge, understanding, and ability to apply the law into the problem and environment in the Southern coast, and have extensive legal knowledge which can lead to further study in higher professional education.”

Vision:  A source of knowledge, justice, and fairness of the region for local development

            1. To offer education and promote academic and higher professions as well as to produce the lawyers and promote professional ethics to ASEAN standards.
2. To emphasize on doing legal research in order to build up knowledge and integrated research in local areas as well as to solve the problems and develop sustainable local areas.
3. To provide academic services to the society by developing and educating in law for local and society so that the society can continuously learn and build up the knowledge based society, understand rights and duties according to law, be able to support itself and have better quality of life.
4. To use knowledge and skills of law to support the preservation of arts, cultures, and local wisdoms as well as to raise awareness of the society about the value of arts and local and national cultures.
5. To support and develop the network of academic collaboration for inside and outside the nation.

1. Strategy 1: To develop the quality of graduates to be excellent in ideas and spirits for development
            2. Strategy 2: To develop the quality of researches in order to enhance the competition capacity and increase the local potential
3. Strategy 3: To develop the quality of academic services for law in order to develop the local areas and preserve the arts and cultures
4. Strategy 4: To develop the management under the good governance
5. Strategy 5: To develop the collaborative network
6. Strategy 6:To upgrade the quality and standard in accordance with ASEAN standards